Sunday, February 01, 2004

EDM Day Challenge 001-100

001 - Draw a shoe002 - Draw a desk lamp or other lamp003 - Purses, Wallets or Bags004 - Draw your mug or cup005 - Draw your bed006 - Draw your favorite well-loved object ... or a childhood toy007 - Draw a bottle, jar or tin from the kitchen008 - Draw your watch or other piece of jewelry009 - Draw a bit of organized chaos - your messy desk, your table stacked with books, etc.010 - Draw your hand or hands (or someone elses if you like)
011 - Draw your glasses or sunglasses012 - Draw what you ate for dinner013 - Draw your telephone (land line, cell, old-fashioned?)014 - Draw what you see in the morning when you get up015 - Draw a tree or trees, leaves or branches016 - Draw a favorite tool017 - Draw a musical instrument018 - Draw the view from a window of your house, apartment, office, etc.019 - Draw something you've made020 - Draw something Dad - in honor of Fathers Day
021 - Draw something old, antique or vintage022 - Draw a piece of clothing023 - Draw your foot024 - Draw a piece of fruit025 - Draw a glass (the kind you drink from)026 - Draw anything you like. If you want to draw a vegetable, that's fine, too.027 - Draw a book or anything else you want.028 - Draw an appliance or anything else you like.029 - Draw something architectural or anything else.030 - Draw a chair or anything else you feel like.
031 - Draw something you collect032 - Draw something metallic033 - Draw an eye034 - Draw a fall leaf035 - Draw a bicycle or a part of one036 - Draw out in public037 - Draw some keys038 - Draw something related to Halloween, All Souls Day, Dia de los Muertos, All Saints, etc.039 - Draw your toothbrush040 - Draw something with folds
041 - Draw a landmark of your city042 - Draw something you are thankful for043 - Draw something china or ceramic044 - Draw an animal - a pet, a zoo animal, a stuffed one ...045 - Draw your medicine cabinet (the inside of it)046 - Draw something holiday themed (Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, winter solstice)047 - Draw a challenge from the past year 1-46 that you didn't try before048 - Draw something that represents your new year's goal or resolution049 - Draw your refrigerator interior (and contents) or exterior (and what's on the door)050 - Draw your home's entryway and journal your thoughts and feelings about homecoming.
051 - Draw your TV and favorite show playing. Journal about why you like that show etc.052 - Draw a dog (yours or a friends or anyone's) and journal about your dog relationships.053 - Draw a mouth and journal about speaking out or holding one's tongue ...054 - Draw someone or something you love - and journal about it.055 - Draw a doorknob, plain or fancy056 - Draw a self portrait057 - Draw a picture frame and the picture in it. Write about why it's special to you.058 - Draw a hat, cap or other headgear. is it sentimental? Write about it.059 - Draw a sign or spring (or fall if you live in the southern hemisphere.)060 - Draw an automobile or a part of one
061 - Draw a grouping of 2 or more of similar objects062 - Draw a previous challenge in a different medium than you usually use. 063 - Go on a nature walk, pick up items, draw what you find064 - Draw your sink - at home, work or wherever065 - Draw your nose, a friend's or a strangers. Or a pet's. 066 - Draw a fire hydrant and make a journal entry about fire fighters067 - Draw something Mom - your mother, something that reminds you of motherhood. Journal, too.068 - Draw your computer069 - Draw a beverage and write a little about it.070 - Draw what you're afraid of. Write about it, if you dare.
071 - Draw something representing your favorite sport.072 - Draw somewhere new. Go somewhere new to you and draw what you find. Write about it, too.073 - Draw a mailbox and write about the most important piece of real world mail you've ever received (not email - snail mail.)074 - Draw some clouds and write about them075 - Draw the ingredients and/or process of a favorite recipe - and journal about it.076 - Draw some flowers (or colorful showy foliage if you're in the S. hemisphere and don't find flowers in bloom.)077 - Draw something cold or cool. Chill, people.078 - Draw a souvenir of a place you've been. journal a bit about your memories of the place.079 - Draw an ear, or two or three or more080 - Draw something that makes you happy, and write about it, too.
081 - Draw a streetlight082 - Draw your artspace - drawing board, desk, studio, table - draw where you create.083 - Draw a nearby body of water - ocean, lake, pond, river084 - Draw some bread and write about it if you like.085 - Draw a store in your neighborhood - inside, outside or both.086 - Draw a traffic sign087 - Draw your lunch and journal about it.088 - Draw something breezy - something that blows in the wind - a flag, leaves, your choice...089 - Draw a button or buttons090 - Draw something with wings
091 - Draw an apple092 - Draw a brown paper bag093 - Draw an egg carton, with or without eggs in it.094 - Draw a spoon and journal a little about it095 - Draw a holiday card096 - Draw something sweet097 - Draw a present you have received. Why is it special?098 - Free choice. Draw anything you like. We're all busy before the holidays.099 - Draw something that represents a new years resolution of yours100 - Draw or paint a landscape


Blogger Mladen said...

Amazing work. Indeed, every day matters, you seem to be one of few people with energy to show it so clearly.

23 July, 2008 18:11  
Blogger Waiting... said...

Excellent! One of my 2009 challenges to myself is to do 5 sketches from the EDM list a week...maybe by mid year, I, too, will be caught up like you.
LOVE the new book!!!

18 December, 2008 23:19  
Blogger peachtreeart said...

Great job!

19 December, 2008 03:52  
Blogger Margaret Ann said...

"You are freaking amazing"...I write with my jaw hitting my keyboard...stars in my eyes!

I remember coming to your spot from Danny's a while back and seeing some of your first EDM entries...but this...this collection is masterfully brilliant! Off the charts! Genius! The bar has not only been has been sent into the stratosphere! Congrats

19 December, 2008 08:16  
Blogger kazumiwannabe said...

Wow! Amazing is the word! I'm bookmarking your page to come back and admire all the drawings regularly. Great work!

19 December, 2008 17:21  
Blogger Sherry said...

Oh my goodness, I still haven't done all of the first 100 challenges! Your achievement here leaves me dumbfounded. Bravo!

19 December, 2008 19:08  

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