Wednesday, May 14, 2008

EDM Day Challenge #075

075 - Draw the ingredients and/or process of a favorite recipe - and journal about it.

Schunninworks Depot
Easy spring salad: cut everything, mix together, 1ts/2ts of pumpkin/olive oil, 1ts/2ts of balsamico/wine vinegar + twist lemon



Blogger Peter Pen said...

Shunnin, you really work through it!

Whenever you are not around Southern Germany but in Hamburg - give me call ;-) I think I am about to send you a private message via Sketchcrawl ;-)

Great works!

Your watercolours are "just" regular "Tuschkasten"-colours?

15 May, 2008 11:30  
Blogger schunnin said...

Hi Thorsten,

thank you for invite, if I ever come around, we'll cross our lines and words... :D
It was done with 2$ worth KOH-I-NOOR HARDMUTH wasserfarben 22.5 school w/c
See y'a on #19 SC, m8!


16 May, 2008 23:37  
Blogger Peter Pen said...

Thank you for answering that fast and explaining ;-)

Splendid, how you work out everthing with regular "Wasserfarben". And see, just today I got a parcel from "Paintmonster" (aka Marty from Sapporo/JAPAN at Sketchcrawl) with some really nice pencils - so everthing is set for SC #19 ..

.. see you there!

17 May, 2008 16:46  

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