Monday, March 01, 2004

EDM Day Challenge 101-200

101 - Draw a bar of soap102 - Draw a power plug103 - Draw some exercise equipment you use104 - Draw some salt and pepper shakers105 - Draw some scissors106 - Draw something tart or sour107 - Draw how you get your news108 - Draw a light bulb or several109 - Draw a clock you have around the house110 - Draw something with a flame or flames
111 - Draw a bowl112 - Draw something fresh113 - Draw a fence and write about fences in your life114 - Draw something ugly that you love and keep for sentimental reasons.115 - Draw a shopping cart or basket116 - Draw something green117 - Draw something round118 - Draw hair or something with hair119 - Draw some rocks120 - Draw a flashlight
121 - Draw some coins and journal about youthful memories regarding coins122 - Draw something that includes shade as a part of the picture.123 - Draw a bell124 - Draw something yellow125 - Draw a bird or birds126 - Draw a sponge127 - Draw a skyscape128 - Draw a view through a doorway from one interior room to another129 - Draw people doing something130 - Draw some school supplies
131 - Draw a spray bottle132 - Draw a chain133 - Draw a peach134 - Draw a familiar person place or thing, but from an unusual angle135 - Draw a salad136 - Draw something that's alive137 - Draw something you can turn on or off138 - Draw something soft139 - Draw something with a handle140 - Draw an envelope
141 - Draw something with bristles142 - Draw something hot143 - Draw an herb or spice144 - Draw something square145 - Draw (or paint) a tree in autumn146 - Draw a favorite food147 - Draw or paint something made of wood148 - Draw or paint something soothing149 - Draw a broom150 - Draw a candle
151 - Free choice152 - Draw a nut153 - Draw something in a plastic wrapper154 - Draw or paint a lemon155 - Draw something with a step or steps156 - Draw a sandwich157 - Draw a towel158 - Draw a kernel of popped popcorn159 - Draw a favorite cooking tool160 - Draw a trophy or award
161 - Draw something you think smells wonderful162 - Draw your breakfast163 - Draw a deck of cards164 - Draw a camera165 - Draw the front of your house, apartment bldg, condo, dorm etc.166 - Draw a fish167 - Draw something that needs fixing168 - Draw your daily newspaper169 - Draw a piece of cake170 - Draw a zipper
171 - Draw some ice cream172 - Draw something that sparkles173 - Draw something from memory174 - Draw a bridge175 - Draw a basket and what it holds176 - Draw something summer177 - Draw a flag178 - Draw something red179 - Draw an onion180 - Draw something in your favorite color
181 - Draw a trash or garbage can182 - Draw a truck183 - Draw something dangerous184 - Draw a park bench or other outside bench185 - Draw a cat186 - Draw something you’ve always wanted187 - Draw a fan188 - Draw a peanut in the shell or out189 - Draw a shaver or razor190 - Draw your palette or selection of colors
191 - Draw some paper money192 - Draw something that floats193 - Draw a closeup part of something194 - Draw a baked potato195 - Draw a fork196 - Draw a rope197 - Draw a remote198 - Draw some noodles199 - Draw a toe200 - Draw something lucky


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